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Everything you need to know about how does ylliX work.


What is ylliX for Advertisers?  Show Answer
ylliX is one of a few truly international ad networks. We connect website owners (publishers) and ad networks with our advertisers to generate revenues as high as possible for both parties.
How does it work?  Show Answer
It's really simple. All you need to do is create a free ylliX Advertiser account which will be activated immediately after registration. Next, create your first ad campaign, make a deposit, and in just a few short minutes you will see visitors coming to your site.
How much does it cost?  Show Answer
There are no fees for opening or maintaining an account. You only pay for the traffic you get.
How long does account activation take?  Show Answer
No manual verification is required for new advertiser accounts at ylliX. Your ylliX Advertiser account is active as soon as you create it.
What ad types do you work with?  Show Answer
We work with banners, sliders, layers, pop-ups, and mobile redirects. We're working hard to include new ad types that will generate an even higher ROI for our advertisers.
What's the minimum initial deposit?  Show Answer
We don't require any large initial deposits at ylliX! Start your first ad campaign with us from just $20.
What payment methods do you accept?  Show Answer
We accept payments via PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin and bank wire transfers. Need something special? Let us know!
What tokens can I use in my tracking links / ad tags?  Show Answer
<site_id> - shows the ID of the website where the ad was displayed
<pub_id> - shows the publisher's ID
<section_id> - shows the placement ID on the publisher's website
<category> - shows the category of the publisher's website (beta)
<ad_format> - shows the ad format (300x250, 728x90, popup, tabunder...)
<campaign_id> - shows the ID of your ylliX campaign
<rand_num> - shows a random number
<ip> - shows the visitor's IP address
<country> - shows the visitor's country code (e.g. US, SA, FI, IN...)
<site_content> - shows "a" for adult traffic and "n" for mainstream traffic
<CLICK_ID> - used for conversion tracking
We have a RevShare cooperation opportunity for you.  Show Answer
Great! We work with a wide variety of ad networks on a RevShare basis and would be happy to connect with you. If you are an honest and established advertiser, we would be glad to work with you on a RevShare basis and / or offer you NET30 payments. Please contact us today.
We want to discuss something with you.  Show Answer
We're waiting for your questions and comments. Please click "CONTACT" in the upper menu to get in touch with us.
How much traffic is available for CPM/CPC bidding?  Show Answer
We allow our advertisers to buy CPM/CPC traffic only from manually verified and monitored traffic sources in order to be sure that our advertisers will ALWAYS get real-human and quality traffic only.
You can use the Traffic Availability tool to find out how much traffic we currently have available for CPM/CPC campaigns.
Is it possible to use postback (S2S) conversion tracking?  Show Answer
Yes, of course it is possible. All ylliX advertisers can use S2S (postback) conversion tracking and monitor their CR and ROI.