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Everything you need to know about how does ylliX work.


What is ylliX for Publishers?  Show Answer
ylliX is one of a few truly international ad networks. We connect website owners (publishers) and ad networks with our advertisers to generate revenues as high as possible for both parties.
How does it work?  Show Answer
It's really simple. All you need to do is creating a free ylliX Publisher account which can be activated immediately after registration. Next, generate an ad tag - a JavaScript code that you can paste into your website. That's it! Our system will do the work while you sit back and watch your PayPal or bank account balance grow.
Is it free?  Show Answer
You bet! Our publishers never have to pay.
How long does account activation take?  Show Answer
No manual verification is required for new publisher accounts at ylliX. Your ylliX Publisher account is active as soon as you create it.
Do you accept publishers from my country?  Show Answer
Absolutely! ylliX warmly welcomes publishers from all countries - regardless of location and size. We will never reject a publisher based on their location.
Do you accept traffic from my country?  Show Answer
We're proud that ylliX has a 100% (yes - it really is one hundred percent) international fill rate. We accept traffic from all countries.
What ad types does ylliX offer?  Show Answer
We offer banner, slider, layer, pop-up, pop-under, tab-up, tab-under, and redirect ad tags. We're working hard to add new ad types that will make your earnings grow even faster.
When and how will I get paid?  Show Answer
We offer daily payments, which means what you earn today you will see in your account tomorrow. The payment minimum is $1 for PayPal and Payza payments, $10 for eZCash and Bitcoin payments, $50 for Payoneer payments and $100 for international bank wire payments.
Does ylliX offer a referral program?  Show Answer
Yes, we have a stunningly generous referral program at ylliX. We will pay you up to $100 for each new active publisher or advertiser you refer plus 2% of their lifetime earnings / spendings.
How to add ads on blogger / blogspot?  Show Answer
Example 1 - How to add a banner ad tag (as a widget)
Step 1  Step 2  Step 3

Example 2 - How to add pop, layer, slider (anchor) or redirect ad tags (edit template)
Step 1  Step 2
I need help!  Show Answer
We're here for you! Just click "CONTACT" in the upper menu.