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Everything you need to know about how does ylliX work.

Privacy Policy

Privacy, security and confidentiality of our publishers and advertisers are the most important things for us.

When it comes to your personal information, contact information, information regarding your website/s or information regarding your earnings, you can be assured that it will be kept confidential and not shared with any outside sources.

Let's see some examples of how we take care of your information:

1.) We never sell or share your personal information
Whether it is your email address or phone number, you can be assured that we will NEVER sell it for marketing purposes or share it with any 3rd parties. Information you provide us with stays with us, forever!

2.) Confidentiality of your information
We do not have obligation to report any information regarding our publishers to any governmental or non-governmental institutions in our country and therefore we are the only 2 parties knowing that you're doing business with us and how much you are earning.

3.) Who can access your information?
As mentioned above, we never share your information with any other companies or institutions. Moreover, the number of people from our company that can access your information is limited. Only a few employees of our company can access your information. Each employee who has access to your information has signed a confidentiality agreement.

4.) We don't know your password
Passwords of our publishers and advertisers are securely saved in our databases. Moreover, all the passwords are encrypted and therefore NO ONE from our company knows your password. You don't need to worry that we'll abuse your password even if you use the same password on more websites (what we don't recommend).